webcam_live_CalahondaWeather live from the Costa del Sol in Spain

The weather station is situated in Calahonda, between Malaga and Marbella. The webcam gives live pictures and   updating this  every 60 seconds. The electronic  weather station was installed in Calahonda and giving live picture since the end of 2001. From Calahonda, approximately 40 km southwest of Malaga and 20 of Marbella the weather station measures and tracking weather and recording data regarding the climate since then. We must thank Mr Kiener for his permission to publish his picture from his live webcam and making them available for all our visitors of our homepage.

Situation of the webcam :   
The weather station is located in Spain at the Costa del Sol in the Urbanisation Sitio de Calahonda, a district (approximately 20.000 habitants) of the city   Mijas. The webcam is installed approximately 40 km south western of the province capital Málaga. The position-height of the barometer over norm zero (sea level) is 185 m and the airline-distance to the coastline is approximately 2 km.
This are the geographical coordinates of the weather-station :
36° 30' 27" North (36.5075° N) and 4° 43' 39" West (4.7275° W).
The view is beyond the Alborán sea in a South-South-Western direction over Marbella to the rock of Gibraltar and Morocco. With a clear view, one can see also the Rif-mountains (foothills of the Atlas-mountains) in Africa. A distance of incredible 180 to 250 kilometres. In addition, the Rock of Gibraltar (80 km) and the "camel hump" rock of Ceuta (95 km) are 80 kilometres and 95 kilometres away.
Once the weather station has even faster broadband access available the live images of the webcam can be switched to a live camera image, so the current weather conditions can also be transmitted in real time from the Costa del Sol. It would be allow specially the ability to follow under a cloudless sky   the sunrise in the winter months of November (from 31.10.) to February.
The weather information is  interesting in  such a way that more than 500 visitors a day looking at the live images of the weather station. This ranges from owners of property on the Costa del Sol, who experience easily in bad weather in your home country nostalgia for Spain or visitors to the Costa del Sol, which will spend there vacation here and want to inform in advance of the weather in Malaga or Marbella.
The weather station run by Mr. Kiener is capturing data through computer software, which is stored and prepared for a visually appealing presentation. It can offer graphics of the day -, week -, month - and year with various diagrams and lists. The software, named WSW 32, can also provide alerts, weather analysis and forecasts. The very detailed statistics allow interesting insight into the climate changes, and actually disregards extreme values, recognizes deviant measurements from the norm quickly, and adjusts accordingly. The moon cycles (included rises and sets) are shown just as clearly as time of sunrise, sun culmination and sunset. On our Hompage you will get the live pictures 24 hours.
Note :
Do you deal with the weather as a hobby and you are may be intrested for graphics, charts, statistics or historical values ​​for the climate of Costa del Sol or humidity, atmospheric pressure - tendency, wind - strength and direction, precipitation - rain quantity and of course, sunshine duration you can contact Mr. Kiener by email or have a look at . The published pictures are the property of Mr Kiener and the weather station Calahonda on the Costa del Sol in Spain and without his express approval cant be copied or used in any form.
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